Florida Running Club History - Part 3

So where are we ... yep, week 3 or episode 3 of our Club’s beginnings...

The first Chairperson of the club was Ian Pinnock and the appointed committee included Bruce Harris and George Koertzen who became a Florida legend and who was instrumental in putting the club on the map. The first home for the club was the tennis club (not sure whether this was the current tennis club) but the club found this venue to be suitable for all social events and a base for weekly time trials. The time trial route suited both the casual "joggers" and the serious athletes and the wives of members assisted with the time recording of each time trial. The challenge was to find running vests and shorts that would make Florida "different" and it was decided to have pink vests and black shorts which made the club very distinctive and despite being a smaller club in relation to the others Florida became very well known in a very short period. There were some "show offs" in the club who even took it to the extreme by wearing pink socks. In addition to the very distinctive pink kit the club purchased 6 pink umbrellas and a pink tent which as you can imagine stood out at every race. It goes without saying that the bar was set up from the start and from the records the first years bar receipts was a huge amount of R100. Can you just imagine what a beer cost back in 1988.

Laurie Lewis