Florida Running Club History - Part 2

Part 1 covered the start of Florida Running Club back in February 1988. So the story continues...

Once the official permission and approval to form Florida Running Club was given by the TAAA they put us on a one year probation expiring in February 1989. However in order to have our application approved we had to submit the application made in 1987 with a list, with the minimum of 50 names and addresses of all Florida members at the time of application. This was required by the TAAA to establish whether the formation of a new club was a viable proposition. So off to work the committee went to enlist as many new members to meet this requirement. Needless to say that this list was made up of brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children and anyone know to the founding committee. Can you just imagine?? After just one year the club had just on 90 paid up members and continued to grow in the years ahead. The vision for the club and its members was to create a friendly gathering place of good people rather than a "mega" club of just numbers. Admission of applicants into Florida Running Club was based on having “active” members and controlled by the committee at the time. A huge concern was that the clubhouse would become too crowed at times but they had quiet a way to go before putting the “House Full” sign up or before creating a "waiting list".

In the next episode I will cover the founding committee members and the club house and first time trial.

Laurie Lewis