Florida Running Club History - Part 1

"Once upon a time…" ok that won’t work but I found a document that has some of Florida Running Club's history and would like to share this with you all.

In 1987 a group of people came up with an idea to start Florida Running club and the application was submitted to the TVL Amateur Athletics Ass in October of that year. In “those” days it was required to provide a notice to all TAAA clubs of the application to establish a new club under the TAAA. Guess what? There was an objection lodged against the application by two local clubs and this delayed the granting of the permission until February 1988 after which the TAAA granted permission to establish Florida Running Club. So our great PINK home has been around for 29 years February this year and has grown in numbers and continues to attract very special individuals and athletes with so much talent-..Elite athletes in Pink.

As the saying goes “Bigger is not always better”.

Laurie Lewis